It’s so hard…to say goodbye…

After 5 movies, 3 Korean meals and an awesome aerial view of Siberia, we have arrived in Gwangju, Korea where our 9 day orientation is taking place. It’s exciting to feel the energy of all the teachers here and share our stories of what brings us to this country.

But first, let’s rewind back to life before we ventured over on the 12 hour plane ride. You know how you can tell when your life is pretty darn grand? When it’s so difficult to say goodbye. As we began our adventure on Sunday, I reflected on just how lucky I am to have elements of my life that are hard to part from. So, here is a tribute to all people and things of whom I can’t wait to be reunited with!

My fam + Kenny’s fam (many of whom are not pictured)



My pals (not included in these photos: many very important peeps)




A lovely place to call home


st helens



My man (who I luckily get to see daily!)



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