Making it like home

The past four days have been CRAZY. However, through the bustle, we have found so many chances to be grateful. Yeosu is stunning. Kenny and I hail from one of the most beautiful places on earth and yet, we are still astounded by the beauty of this city. Steep mountain peaks, islands scattered in the distance throughout the Yellow Sea, a variety of restaurants and markets to explore. Yeosu is Asia’s version of the Pacific NW.

But it doesn’t end there. We have already made some pretty fantastic friends who I know will come to be our family out here. I cannot wait to keep you updated on the city, the teaching and the travels we will embark on!

– Alison

apt view


View from our apartment



On top of our mountain (well, the one behind our apartment)


Our new buds, Tom and Elicia


3 thoughts on “Making it like home

  1. Hello Dear Alison and Kenny: Wow! my heart is sooooooo happy to hear and see that you live in a lovely area and view and a family of new friends. I could not ask for better news, believe me!! Thank you, thank you for this sharing all this, I feel like I am there with you. Your description of everything is so beautifully written…..there really aren’t words to tell you what a marvelous experience this is for me to learn and see your experiences and adventures. I’m thrilled (can you tell !!). Your Dad tells me that you are car shopping Alison, ’cause you need wheels to get around to your three schools. I hope that goes well. I am going to look over your blog again and find where I can put comments. Until then, I will respond to your emails….hope that is ok.

    My love to you both, thank you again……hugs & kisses….Grandma


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