An American Thanksgiving in Korea

It’s Thanksgiving Eve back home, but for me, it’s 1:00 pm on Thanksgiving. It feels odd to be in an office (instead of my parents’ house), full of teachers who don’t speak my language (aka I have never said more than “hello” and “thank you” to) and probably have no idea I’m celebrating a holiday here at my desk! It’s been an odd Thanksgiving, but not in a bad way. Just different. For example, I ate kimchee soup and fish today. A Thanksgiving first for me. But as I sit here, I realize just how thankful I am. Let me count the ways.

I am thankful for:

…the fact that my student loans will be paid off in a year. Yep, my teaching gig here allows this to happen. SO AWESOME!

…my terrific partner in crime who has been a model example of patience and understanding. You rock.

…my new friends in Korea, who we will be feasting on turkey, green bean casserole and apple pie with us this weekend!

…Korean kindness. People here are so helpful and expect nothing in return. It astounds me each day.

… It makes the dream of mac and cheese, chips and salsa and gummy bears a reality in Korea.

…that I am from a place that loves GOOD coffee. It’s been a little rough here in that department.

…my parents, who raised me on a varied food palette. Thanks to you, I pretty much can go anywhere in the world and fall in love with the cuisine.

… the yoga studio and movie theater which are located right next to each other in Yeosu. Hello stretchy muscles, popcorn and the Hunger Games!

…for slow, cautious, scared American drivers. Yep, it’s REAL out here in Korea.

… the Head and the Heart. Your new album makes everyday walks EPIC.

…the students who love to learn English. You make this job so awesome.

…our new toaster oven. If you currently have an oven in your residence, consider yourself lucky. I have taken ovens for granted, big time. But now, I can semi-bake/roast!

…Italian and Mexican food. Why do I crave you so much?!

…the family and friends who check up on me. Not gonna lie, the 14-17 hour time difference can make life a bit lonely at times. There are some times in which I really really want to text someone, but alas, they are sleeping! However, I am so grateful for those who email, Facebook message, FaceTime, Kakao Talk, iMessage, comment on my blog, etc. to stay in touch with me. I especially love getting the little day-to-day details that many people might not bother to tell me, because they think it’s uneventful. However, I live for those little details! It means so much to me.

What are you most thankful for today?

– Alison


10 thoughts on “An American Thanksgiving in Korea

  1. We are thankful for you guys!!! Our health. <— I never take that one for granted, and lastly…the happiness that Korea has brought us. It's overflowing and I feel so undeserving of it all!!

  2. Thankful I am invited to Sabrina’s (owner of QA Dispatch) for dinner since my oven is horrible in my Capital Hill abode! Miss you and love hearing from you. Going to Medford on Monday to move my mom to a nicer assisted living home…intense but necessary!

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