Halong Bay: Worth the hype?

Kenny and I were told multiple times that we “must visit Halong Bay.” You might have seen the pictures: dramatic limestone cliffs bursting out of the sea. It undoubtedly looks stunning but we had our concerns. Concerns about massive amounts of tourists and polluted waters as a result. Worries that rather than seeing the breathtaking scenery, we’d be staring at other boats.

In Hoi An, we met some Germans who highly recommended the “Treasure Junk” ship. They said it was an incredible experience and they hardly ever encountered another boat of tourists. I don’t know about you, but I always trust Germans. Every one of them I have met is well-traveled, multi-lingual, open-minded, etc, etc. Well, they are also very reassuring, as they washed away my initial concerns. So we put our faith in this couple and booked our trip to Halong Bay.

Annnddd…. we were the opposite of disappointed. We had beautifully prepared meals, enjoyed the natural scenery and met some wonderful people, including a doctor couple from Berlin who has better English than me (did I mention I love Germans?). We anchored overnight in a hidden cove and visited a village strictly on water (absolutely fascinating!).

This world is full of stunning sites and Halong Bay is certainly one of them.

watching the sunrise

watching the sunrise

Village on water

Village on water

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7 thoughts on “Halong Bay: Worth the hype?

  1. I love the pictures. I must say though that I’m going to take your word for it (and visit someday) but the pictures look very similar to places in yeosu!!!! I’ve come to the conclusion that pictures absolutely don’t do it justice. Must go!!!!

    • Yes, from all the pictures I saw prior to going, I just never really felt like it was blowing me away. But it’s one of those places… you just gotta go and see it to believe it!

  2. My Dear Alison…..Your blogs are nothing short of amazing (and many more adjectives!!).  I am going to forward the Vietnam blogs to Huyen.  Although I am fairly sure she has not been to North Vietnam, I know she will be esctatic to see you, Kenny and her country.  North Vietnam, in those days, was a controlled and dangerous portion of the country, hence, the Vietnam War and she was born and lived her first 7 yrs of life in the southern part.  When I send these to her, I will perhaps learn more about whether she has been in the northern part.  These pictures (as all of those you have sent in each and every blog) are beyond amazing!  What a truly great job you have done with these.  Thank you, because of you we see sights through your eyes, sights we will never see in person.  Thank you!

    Almost Birthday time, my dear granddaughter.  I love you and you are on my mind and in my heart and prayers each day.  ‘bye for now!  Huge Hugs and Face Full of Kisses!!!  Grandma


    • I would love to hear about Huyen’s experiences. We have become so fascinated by Vietnamese culture/history. Thank you for your wonderful words, I love and miss you so much!

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