Met and feel in love in Seattle. Moved to South Korea. This is a tale of two teachers and their adventures abroad.

Alison (the a in a+k): Lives for good food, great company and abundant explorations. Wary of those who dislike Arrested Development.

Kenny (the k in a+k): A Spanish speaker living in Korea. Loves discovering new places and trying new foods (except Tamilok). Lives by the creed, “You’re a Lebowski, I’m a Lebowski.” 

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Alison,

    I am Mary and I grew up with your Mom in Monterey Park. I don’t know if you remember me or not. We emailed each other over the holiday and she sent me the link to you blog. It was a joy to read!!! I loved your list of what you are thankful for. I, too, have started living by the “thankful for” list this year. Although I have much to be grateful for, including a sister fighting breast cancer, today I will be thankful for you and your mother. Lourdes has been a lifelong friend and just reading your blog reminded me of your wonderful grandmother, Lolita. She was an amazing lady and she would have been soooooo proud of you and what you are doing. In fact, last night, as we all had dinner together, I told a story of your grandmother. She was always keeping track of the latest trends and what was going on in the world. One day she came into the house with an album, yes one of the big black discs that we used to listen to on a record player, and she said, this guy is going to be the next big thing. It was a Bob Dylan album. I don’t know why that has stuck with me for 50 years except that it just tells the story of who she was.

    Keep writing because I can’t wait for the next installment on your blog. Enjoy the toaster/oven!!! God bless you and Kenny for you are the future of this world that we live in.

    Until next time,

    • Mary,

      Your comment brought tears to my eyes. I keep hearing wonderful stories of my grandmother and for you to say she would have been proud of me, well, warms my soul! I absolutely know about you, as you are often a part of my mom’s stories from childhood. I know this year has been difficult for you, but from what I have heard, you are a strong woman and I know you are persevering through. Thank you so much for the encouragement, it’s so very appreciated!

  2. Mary,
    Thank you for the kind tribute to my mom and Alison’s grandma! Lolita was an incredible woman. Learning more about her from your perspective will add color to Alison’s picture of the grandma she knows about, but was never able to meet.

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